Quality Assurance

Our company’s philosophy of offering complete customer satisfaction is clearly stated in our policy as follows:

  • “Continuous improvement in Quality, Service and timely deliveries to exceed customer Satisfaction”
  • “Planned and Efficient Utilization of technology, Human and material resources.”
  • “Devotion, involvement, dedication and co-operation of all people at every stage.”
  • “Training to employees to improve their skills and knowledge “


  •  All Types of Ring Gauges

  •  Micro Meter

  •  All Types of Plug Gauges

  •  Various Type of Dial Gauges

  •  Vernier Calipers

Spectro Analysis

Spectro Analysis machines. Collectively they are able to produce an elemental composition of most alloys of

  • Brass, Steel, Nickel
  • Stainless Steels, Titanium, Aluminum
  • Ductile/Gray Iron, Cooler, Tool steels

Profile Projector

  •  Profile Projector
  •  Go/No - Go Gauges for accurate thread dimensions
  •  Digital Vernier and Calipers
  •  Electron Microscope for surface detection
  •  Magnifying Projectors for precise dimensional checking
  •  NDT testing chemicals for cracks and dent detection.
  •  Stress testing machines for steel raw materials
  •  Raw material & Dimentional report provided along with supplies.

We Provide Quality Metal Components As Per Your Requirement.